Dr Joseph Kravitz Poetry Book Symposium

Symposium | Poetry for the Dental Patient and Life

One day in early 2018, I was inspired for two hours to create poetry. My fingers just started typing, with no edits. It was organized by various topics into a book called, Symposium. The expression of poetry is a form of art, literature and education. The poems contained herein represent some preliminary thoughts.

The Symposium is poetic codex that may unlock some of your true potential as a person, companion, coworker and neighbor.

This Symposium is dedicated to my family, as they have allowed me to help realize my evolving true potential. Also, I dedicate this work the wonderful and talented team at Kravitz Dentistry, whereby the poetry of dentistry and beautiful smiles are created every day.


-Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS

One of the first poems is a powerful use of wavelengths of energy and our minds. You can attract good oral health, an improved dental relationship, or an improved renewed smile.