How to Use Your Smile to Improve Your Health, Education, Athletics, Career and Love Life – Part 1

Your smile has many features to augment your personality.

Your smile can help attract good or bad.

Your smile can attract.

Your smile can distract.

Your smile can also push others away.

Your smile can attract more customers in your field.

Your smile can disappoint customers in your field.

Your smile can have great benefits in your relationships, your job, your career, your earning potential, and your education. I would know, for I am a lifelong stutterer.

Earlier in my life (and even now sometimes), when I would stutter, other people would react in one of several ways:

   1. They would look away.
     2. They would say the words for me.
     3. They would avoid me.
     4. They would think I was stupid.
     5. They would advise me differently in life coaching.

When someone smiles, other people are looking at a combination of parts. The parts are the anatomy of the smile. Your smile serves various functions. Your smile serves as the entrance for food and drink, in order the digest foods. Your smile serves as a communication vehicle for talking and singing. Your smile smile, along with your nose, also sustains life by allowing air to enter and travel to your lungs. Your smile serves to protect you too. And finally, your smile can help in dating, soothing others and procreation by attracting your mate.

When designing your smile in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond, I ask you to consider a balance. The balance of the stage. The stage includes the curtains, main actors, supporting cast and props. I ask you again to consider the stage. The stage is important in rejuvenating your smile.

The lips are the curtains.

The teeth are the stage.

The gums are the supporting cast.

The saliva are the props.

If any one of the parts of the stage is out of balance, the show is off. For example, a crooked set of lips (curtains), the smile is off. If your teeth are crooked, chipped, discolored, broken, infected or cracked, the smile is out of balance. If your gums tissues are swollen, bulbous, inflamed they look sick. And all of this makes you look sick and out of balance. And, if your smile has bad breath / saliva , stinky breath or foul breath…others may avoid you.

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In the next blog, we will share secrets of how to resolve some of these smile issues in simple choices. Until then, be well!

~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach