Public Health Warning: Smoking Can Cause Failures in Dental Work

People smoke for various reasons, to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Or it’s a habit of placing something like a cigarette between your lips. Whatever the reason is for you, it may be worth considering the harmful effects on your mouth, teeth, gums, bone and body.

I just heard from patient that health insurance premiums were higher for them due to smoking. Another patient shared that their employee offers 25% lower pay due to smokers having more work-related problems. So not only can smoking cause painful health issues, smoking can also cause a lot of pain in the wallet.

Dr. Joseph Kravitz, DDS, MS has studied the effects of smoking on the human mouth. Smoking can contribute to each of the following issues related to the mouth:

• Bleeding gums
• Inflamed gums
• Distorted smile
• Crooked smile
• Wrinkles
• Face swelling
• Bone loss
• Weakened bones
• Soft bones
• Failed crowns
• Failed dentures
• Dental implant failure
• Dental implant get loose
• Bridge failures
• Discolored teeth
• Mouth pain – mild, moderate and severe

Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), smoking can contribute to systemic health and body issues:

• Damage to brain
• Damage to blood
• Damage to cervix
• Damage to trachea, larynx, lungs
• Damage to stomach
• Damage to pancreas, liver and kidneys
• Increased risk of heart attack by up to 4 times
• Increased risk of cancer is 25x in men and women
• Many other health issues too

Smoking cessation programs work to reduce the urge and craving for smokes. They range from over the counter and prescription to chemically health you reduce and eliminate. Professionally, I have found that the CVS patch system works well. It’s an adhesive patch placed on one of your arms. It allows the concentrations of addictive chemicals be reduced in a staged approach.

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach