Appreciation and Gratitude for Volunteers at Homeless and Poverty Center in Rockville, Maryland

In July 2018 and January 2019, I had the privilege of presenting and masterminding ways to improve the delivery of services to poverty stricken and homeless people from Montgomery County, Maryland. The support staff members of Interfaith Works poverty and homeless shelter are kind, loving, enthusiastic and cooperative people who make our neighbors better every day.

Monica, Samantha, Haydee and others were focused on how to make Interfaith Works better. They care. And it shows. They wake up every day filled with “service to others” as their motto. These volunteers are incredible people with high energy, passion and enthusiasm towards helping over 13,000 people annually.

We recently gathered together for continuing education of how they can make Interfaith Works a better place for their clients. We discussed focusing on doing what’s right, appreciation and gratitude.

“Interfaith Works instills the emotions and possibilities of hope and help,” says Dr. Joseph Kravitz, Rockville, Maryland dentist.

Sometimes we get a little down in life. They learn that the past is nothing more than a trail that is left behind you. What guides you today is the energy that you generate in each of your present moments. There is hope at Interfaith Works. There is help at Interfaith Works. For those that need assistance or know someone that needs help with clothing, shelter, job placement, or general life counseling, feel free to reach out to InterFaith Works at 240-641-6308 or fill out this online form for help at

~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach