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SJÖGREN’S Syndrome | Dry Mouth, 5 Things to Avoid, Solutions

The human mouth is a complex entrance to your digestive system. Your digestive system allows you to process food and drink, break in down into fuel for the body, and filter out toxins.

The mouth is full of acids to digest foods you eat. The mouth saliva buffers the acids in a healthy mouth to help prevent cavities and gum disease. Digestion initiates in the mouth.
“However, Sjögren’s Syndrome patients and dry mouth patients lose their ability to protect the mouth, for the saliva is reduced or missing”, says Dr. Joseph Kravitz, Rockville, Maryland dentist.

The mouth feels dry. The mouth feels tacky and sticky. Food sticks everywhere like glue. It’s hard to clean the mouth of food debris. When your mouth is in state of dryness, cavities form easily within 7 minutes as shown in my book, Dirty Mouth. It’s even worse with Sjögren’s sufferers. Its nasty. Its painful. Then you may begin to avoid certain favorite foods.

In an effort to help you avoid increased destruction of your teeth, gums and bones, I offer… The Top Five Things Sjögren’s Patients and Dry Mouth Patients Should Avoid:

Alcohol-containing mouthwashes. They will deplete moisture content of the mouth. They will burn the soft tissues ands make your condition worse.
Abrasive toothpastes. They will cause micro abrasions, wear down teeth and wear down gum tissues. They will make your mouth, teeth and gums more sensitive to temperature changes.
Rinsing with diluted sugar/acid filled beverages such as Gatorade, Powerade, sodas, tea, coffee, and juices. Low level acids will erode your teeth, gums and bone. It will destroy them.
Denture adhesives. They will cause repeated, painful sore spots called epulis fissuratum. They can cause holes in your gums and bones.
Dentures. The denture materials are too abrasive. Dentures feel like sandpaper rubbing your gums in a dry mouth.
Consider getting rid of your abrasive denture. Learn about the 3 Minute Implant. The modern dental implant can restore your decayed teeth, broken teeth, and missing teeth in one day. The dental implants can be place and restored with a custom set of natural teeth in one visit. We make the new beautiful smile right here in the office.

So for those suffering with a dry mouth, feeling hopeless, feeling concerning — let me tell you 3 things:

1. There is hope for you today.
2. There is gentle, kind, compassionate help for you today.
3. Your smile can be restored and rejuvenated to Beautiful Smiles today.

If you have dental health questions and need help, feel free check us out here. There is hope. There is help. With kindness. With love.

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach