Dr Joseph Kravitz on Vaping or Juuling impacting Dental Health

Top 25 Ways juuling Can Destroy Your Smile

Dr. Joseph Kravitz, DDS, MS from Rockville, Maryland has treated over 20,000 patient over the last 20 years. He seen an increase in e-cigarettes since 2015, also known as vaping or juuling. While juuling is supposed to be a viable alternative to smoking cigarettes, people do not realize the dangerous side effects to their smile.

  1. Makes lip wrinkles
  2. Causes more cavities
  3. Causes gum recession
  4. Causes periodontal disease
  5. Causes bone loss
  6. Causes loose teeth
  7. Causes missing teeth
  8. Poisons the mouth with heavy metals and lead
  9. Causes gaps around your front and back teeth
  10. Causes crooked teeth in your smile
  11. Causes bite issues and TMD
  12. Causes burning mouth syndrome
  13. Causes altered taste
  14. Causes altered sense of smell
  15. Causes increase in herpes lip lesions
  16. Causes bad breath, stink mouth
  17. Causes sore throat
  18. Causes fungal infections
  19. Causes viral infections
  20. Causes bacterial infections
  21. Excessive coughing
  22. Mouth poisons such as endotoxins
  23. Altered nerve paths
  24. Addictive physical and emotional need
  25. Stained teeth

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach