Jake, Son of Dr. Joseph Kravitz in Maryland

Community Service | Digital Photography of Youth Sports

We discussed previously about the importance of announcing players for high school youth sporting events. The kids like to hear their names. They feel good. Their ears are more focused. Their eyes are wide open.

Dr. Joseph Kravitz, dentist of Rockville, Maryland relates: “The kids also enjoy seeing their action shots during the game. We upload them to a team site so parents and players can view their athlete in a favorable light.”

Much appreciation and gratitude for those kids, coaches and parents that provided hours, months and year of sporting entertainment! The thrill of victory and the agony and lessons of defeat.

We can also take pregame videos of their Pete Maravich warm-up, whereby they dribble one finger at a time! The kids view it to build self esteem and learn how to improve.

What we have is what we give.