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“I was told that I could not have dental implants”

I went to a dental research meeting 14 years ago. At the meeting, I sat next to a research administrator, Karen. Karen related that her friend Brenda was suffering with an upper denture. Karen stated…

“Brenda was told she could not have dental implants and that she had to live with that denture for the rest of her life”

Karen appeared to care for her friend and wanted the best for her. I shared with Karen that it is very rare to not be able to insert dental implants. We talked about other research projects with other scientists and finished the dinner meeting.

The following week Brenda made an appointment to visit with me and discuss the possibility of using dental implants to support a fixed set of teeth. Karen was terrified to be seen without her denture and had the same set for 25 years! Karen was using denture adhesive to secure her upper denture. Karen did not enjoy her food as much for the denture covered the palate, and therefore her taste was reduced.

Upon examination, I discovered Karen’s clinical condition was dire, but we could help her. Karen did have massive bone loss and her maxillary sinuses have destroyed most of her upper jaw bone (maxilla). We discussed the treatment options and Karen wanted to have a fixed bridge supported by dental implants.

I informed Karen that she could have dental implants!

After a series of surgeries, Karen was well on her way to achieving success. Karen had bone grafting performed on both sides of the upper jaw. Karen had 12 dental implants placed and a fixed bridge inserted on the same day. Karen had her denture converted to a fixed bridge. Karen was happy.

Fourteen years later, Karen is still enjoying her food. Karen feels better about the health of her mouth. Her palate (roof of the mouth) is open and fully available to experience the enjoyment of food temperature. She feels and enjoys the taste + texture of all of her favorite foods. Karen has referred other people too…

Karen has improved her self-confidence and self esteem! Karen has a beautiful vibrant smile! Karen brings light into the room, even after all these years.

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach