Dr Joe Kravitz Dental Implant Technique

3 Minute Implant™️ for Today’s Smiles

What is the 3 Minute Implant?
It is a revolutionary dental implant technique pioneered by Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS, where there is no cutting with sharp scalpels, no need for stitches (sutures), and no bleeding. The complications are minimized because there is no open wound from surgery. The dental implant replaces a missing root of a tooth.

It seems too good to be true…
Many people have stated that it seems too good to be true. And I agree. But I am here to share with you that it IS true. Dr. Kravitz has read thousands of scientific articles and completed 14 years of professional education. Through the process of study and research, Dr. Kravitz has developed the 3 Minute Implant to improve the quality of life for others.

You are holding a clock in your hands…
there is no cutting with a sharp painful scalpel rough blade…
the beautiful pain free dental implant is surgically placed…

there are no irritating loose stitches…
there is no profuse bleeding…
there is no unbearable pain…
and 3 minutes later…
You’re done.

Dr. Joe Kravitz relates “But it all seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? The fact is that thousands of patients have benefited from this remarkable procedure.”

We all know that YOUR communication is important to lifelong success and peace. Dr. Joe Kravitz shares his personal story of communication and how it has inspired him to innovate for his patients, the 3 Minute Implant, a state-of-the-art solution for immediate dental implants. The quality of your communication produces the quality of your life.

It began with a simple idea. Dr. Joe Kravitz knows that patients like to enjoy life. Smile. Love. Learn. Live life. He understands that personal time at work, home, family, friends, vacation, and fitness is important. He understands that having a complete set of teeth is very important to improved overall well-being. So, after extensive laboratory research, testing and observation, he released his findings and began providing the most efficient procedure known for providing immediate dental implants. The rest is history, as Dr. Kravitz began discussing his revolutionary dental implant technique on media outlets such as ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and many others.

Now, Dr. Joseph Kravitz regularly contributes to New Beauty Magazine, sharing oral health tips and the latest research findings in dental implants, beauty and health and is working on releasing another book on dental disease prevention called Dirty Mouth 2. But the real success of 3 Minute Implant is what it means for any person who is looking to immediately replace missing teeth and have them last for a long time. A rapid, pain-free, proven method for getting new, natural-looking teeth IS possible.

3 Minute Implant can benefit you, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, your children, your friends, your coworkers, and your neighbors. Someone may have had recent trauma during a car accident or sporting event. Our entire team at Kravitz Dentistry is on a mission to improve communication, rejuvenate beautiful smiles, renew health, and improve lives. We want to make a difference. We want to contribute to making your life better. 3 Minute Implant is the way. And, kindness is guaranteed!

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“I first came to see Dr. Kravitz because my entire mouth was in pain. I was about to lose all of my teeth and didn’t want to use dentures any longer. Dr. Kravitz listened carefully to my needs and presented several options. He crafted new upper and lower teeth for me that are fabulous. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Kravitz. He helped me smile again! After many years of visiting with Dr. Kravitz and his team, I am confident to recommend his office for your dental needs – cleanings, implants, surgery, teeth…excellent at them all. He is caring, gentle, and most knowledgeable. His team members are equally as caring and helpful throughout the process. Eating, speaking, smiling and laughing are a pleasure again. Thank you, Dr. Kravitz!” – Virginia Moser

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach