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Before Dental Implant Surgery, Do I Need to Take Antibiotics?

This hinges on your personal preference with risk and complications, but it’s key to look at past research to gain insights.

There was a study published back in December 1997, cited in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, investigating the effects of taking antibiotics before dental implant surgery. They performed 2,640 dental implants surgeries and did half with and without antibiotics.

The people who took antibiotics before surgery had an 80% decreased chance of surgical complications.

If you are a patient who does not have any known serious risk to taking antibiotics, it may behoove you to take antibiotics as prescribed by your dentist.

There are bacteria growing at the rate of 20 billion per hour, clearly, the human mouth is NOT a sterile environment. An open wound is at risk for germs leading to infection. Your body’s immune system is designed to protect your health; but, it does not always work properly. Antibiotics can assist in preventing bacterial infections when in recovery post-implant surgery.

At my office in Rockville, MD, most patients decide to take antibiotics prior to dental implant surgery. Over the years, patients I’ve seen who take antibiotics prior to dental implant surgery have very few problems or complications. To learn more about our technique for placing dental implants, here’s a video about how our 3 Minute Implant procedure works.

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach