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Stop Gagging from Your Upper Denture

If you wear an upper removable complete denture, you’ve likely firsthand experienced discomfort and gagging.

The pharyngeal reflex, also known as the gag reflex, is induced by stimulating either the vagus nerve or glossopharyngeal nerve on the tongue of the roof of the mouth. The gag reflex is our body’s natural way to prevent choking in the throat.

The extra denture material covering the roof of the mouth is there to improve suction on your upper denture. It also can be a collecting area for denture adhesive; however, not all people can tolerate the coverage of the roof of the mouth.

The palatal area (roof of mouth) of the upper denture causes what I call the “gag zone”.

Touching the roof of the mouth with your denture may be enough to stimulate the gag reflex. Then, your face begins to look a bit weird and distorted. You may even feel like vomiting, it can be very uncomfortable.

“Bring your denture into a dentist and ask if you are a candidate for dental implants. If they tell you that you cannot have dental implants, get another opinion. If the second opinion tells you that you cannot have dental implants, get another opinion. Keep looking for help until you find help.”

It is exceptionally rare that you cannot have dental implants
(even if there is bone loss). Dental implants = no gagging!

Placing dental implants to secure your upper denture will allow the dentist to remove the part of the denture responsible for gagging. Then, your face returns to its normal countenance and you’ll improve quality of life. Additionally, your teeth will have increased security and you can begin to feel safe to eat good foods again! I wish you well on your quest to improve your smile 🙂

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~ Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Dentist, Author, Researcher, Coach